Frustration Is Finally Gone!


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Dec 16, 2008
Laredo, Texas
Last hunting season I traded my browning hi power 9mm for my buddies Rem 700 300 win mag sps ss. He kept pushing me and pushing me to trade and I was hesitant because my browning was my first pistol and my absolute favorite! Did my CHL qualifying and renewals with it etc! So we trade, I throw two different loads at it and it didnt like em! So last week I decided to try a little gunsmithing and free floated the barrel. Made a run out to the ranch this morning and fired some groups and was pleased with the results! Amazing what a difference something so simple can make. One group is with the 185gr Berger VLD And the other with the 180gr Nosler Accubond. Both 100 Yards 3 shot groups. The gun is pretty much stock accept for the Jewel trigger my buddy had installed. Although the Accubond group is not the best, its way better than how it was previously shooting. I was already frustrated and regretting loosing my browning! But things look alot more promising now.


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Thats good shooting. I'd be happy with either group. To be honest, I have had similar results with both bullets. Bergers shoot awesome, acubonds barely okay. Not as good as your remington though.
I know how hard it is to let some of our favorites go, but it looks like you made a good trade.
Thanks, yeah I think Im going to send her off for a muzzle brake. The recoil can definitely wake someone up! I didn't want to just throw money at it if she didn't show me a glimmer of hope first. Hopefully I can tighten up those groups in the future. Not quite like my 7mm but def better than she was before. Ive gotten real spoiled lately and want all my guns to shoot under 1MOA. Crazy I know but I can't help it! Lol
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