SOLD/EXPIRED For sale Foxpro FX5 $450 shipped lower 48


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May 13, 2005
El Reno,Ok.
I need to sell my Foxpro FX5
It comes with:
Long range remote
Mossy oak brush camo
50 sounds included + room for 150 more
batteries and charger


Not looking for trades.

The sounds on it are:
Buck Fight
Buck Grunt
Does Estrus bleat
buck snort wheeze
fawn bawl
fawn distress
blacktail doe distress
coyote locator
interrogation howl
coyote male challenge
coyote female invitation
coyote and rabbit
coyote pup distress
red fox and rabbit
grey fox pup
red fox pup
bobcat in heat
canine pupplis
jackrabbit distress
cottontail distress
dsg cottontail distress
baby cottontail distress
baby snow shoe distress
squirrel distress
prairie dog distress
dual rodents
rodent distress
kiss of death
luck bird
woodpecker distress
starling distress
female cardinall distress
raccoon fight raccoon puppies
mountain lion in heat
hog feeding frenzy
crow fight
dying crow
crow and hawk
crow gathering
lost turkey hen
excited hen yelps
snow geese feeding #1
snow geese feeding #2
elk bull bugling
elk cow chirps
Elk estrus
moose bull
moose cow

It really looks great and fresh so i think it is not so old and also in very good condition so well i will look for any one who wants to buy your Foxpro FX5 $450 and if i will get then i will tell you about that. so thanks for sharing this information.thanks!!


I'm confused!