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Sep 2, 2012
Rocky Mount, VA
What's up guys, I've been perusing the site for a little while. I'm seriously a Newb to long range shooting. I'm looking at purchasing my first long range rifle in the near future and look forward to looking at all the information on this site to help me choose.

I originally thought I was gonna get a .308 for the cost to performance ratio, but now I'm thinking about a 338 or 300 wm. Obviously a little bit more investment but will reach out there a little farther. I guess my biggest question right now (I'm sure this has been covered a hundred times) is should I go with a stock rifle off the shelf or a custom. Keep in mind I'm new to long range shooting and I know I won't be able to tell a difference right out of the box, but will I be dissatisfied with a stock gun after I get the basics down? A friend of mine works at a gun store part time, he's pushing me to get a 110BA in either 300 or 338. Best bang for the buck?

Again looking forward to gaining knowledge from the gurus on here.

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