SOLD/EXPIRED FN Belgium 7mmRem Mag Pacnor Barreled action $650

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    Jul 16, 2002
    Belgium Made FN Commercial Mauser barreled action and all metal minus stock $650.00

    Pac-nor super match 26 inch 7mm Rem Mag barrel, 11 degree crown. Mounted on a Commercial FN Mauser action. Work done Lugs lapped Receiver trued, 10 MOA Scope Base glass bed, P&H Side Safety trigger, I have dope out to 1000 Yards buyer, Rifle shoots Berger 168’s fed from the magazine into .25 groups, very accurate Last 1000 yard group was around 5 inches
    I am running 70.5 grains of retumbo.
    hinged floor plate
    this is a hunting rifle, and has been used as such, round count is 275 rounds, barrel was blued and duracoated over (some scratches on the duracoat)