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Jan 7, 2003
Swartz creek Mi
One of the guys I shoot with bought a custom .308 from a well known Gunsmith who build rifles for members of SWAT teams and some for the Military. when he uses top notch brands of ammo
Norma,Black Hills..and a few others he always gets a round that is no less than 2 inches from his group. the barres is not hot,,the action is glass bedded and the Barrel is floated using a McMillan M5 Stock, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE? He bought a vice to mount his rifle, so I know its on
and this is at 100 yards. I think his action is shifting some how?

Am I wrong?
what is the average group size w/o the single flier?

did he remove the action from the stock? action screws tight? Optics? Is he looking through the scope differently with some of the shots? what grain weight bullets did he use? Just because he has it in a vice doesn't necessarily mean that he is going to aim the rifle the same every time. Not trying to be a smart ash or anything, just listing some possible causes.
good luck, mark
Great points! and thanks for your input..he has his rifle locked in a Shooting Vice, he said he has not removed the Barrel/action and the screws are in the same place as when he recieved the rifle. I asked the same questions as you have, I also recomended changing the ammo he is using.I told him about having a barrel fouled and some rifles shoot better with it unclean.
He always waits about a Minute till he takes his next shot.. As for Scope he is using a Night Force. The Barrel is floating.
Hope it all works out for him... 2" groups is pretty much unacceptable for a custom rifle :(. One expects better when paying for all the detail!
If bullets groups are usually tight and you get a flyer or two that leaves the group in any direction then the problem usually is caused by case neck or bullet run out or both. Check your ammo for run out. Those rnds that vary the most from a given group will be your flyers. Even the best match grade ammo can have run out issues. The best ammo will have less then .001 run out. Group those rnds together. Correct run out and your groups should tighten. Hope this helps. Capt Kurt
How tight are the action screws? If they are over tightened, it can cause problems. Another issue might be tooling marks in the barrel. I would have the barrel lapped, this will polish all of the rifling and make the rifle a lot more consistent. Is the action pillar bedded or glass bedded?

Just a few thoughts.
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