SOLD/EXPIRED Fired 300 Win Mag brass


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Oct 4, 2008
SW Montana
58 pieces of 1x fired WCC 95 headstamp brass. I bought this when new 300 Win Mag brass was near non existent. I have no idea what it was fired out of. I only reloaded a handful of them. When I seated the primers, they went in easier than I expected. I wouldn't say they were loose, but they certainly didn't seat like new stuff. I just wouldn't expect 5-6 reloads out of them if you are loading high pressure rounds.

I also have 63 count mixed headstamp 2 and 3x fired stuff. It is a mix of RP, FC and the WCC 95 stuff.

I'd like $55 shipped to your door. Listed on multiple sites. Please post "I'll take it" and follow with a PM. Thanks for looking.