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    Jun 11, 2010
    Bought a new Orvis three weight rod about six weeks ago, and it promptly started snowing! I did cast it a little bit in a very stiff head wind while it was trying it's best to snow. I finally got a half way decient day to try it yesterday. Went to a couple lakes and the wind promptly picked up to the point that it reminded me of Wyoming! (30mph cross winds) Best distance I could get was about 30 ft., but that was plenty good enough. Didn't bother to remove the hares ear nymph that was tied to the leader from last fall. Caught somewhere between 12 and 14 fish, and lost another four. Not too bad for an hour and a half. I started out getting fish with the hook seated deep in the mouth (hits were very light), but later all the fish were lip hooked as it should be (rod just feels different). With the wind at my back I had little trouble making fifty foot casts. My other three weight rod is a Scott 7ft. rod. The newer one is about 14" longer, so you can't seriously compair them for distance. I think the Scott might still cast that well, but if so not by much. Really wanted to drag out my two weight, but there's no way I could cast the thing in that wind. I'll be putting on a spool of Wulf Triangle taper line in the next couple weeks to get serious.