SOLD/EXPIRED F/S Surefire 120 lumens flashlight

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    Apr 23, 2004
    For Sale: Surefire flashlight model E2E modified for 120 lumens (double the 60 lumens standard) This is a Surefire E2E Hard Anodized military type III, flashlight that was converted to High Power (120 lumens by a special adaptor (E2C made by Doug Speck in Toronto) that take the Z-44 bezel (That is the bezel in Hard Anodized matching color, of the C-2 Centurion, this bezel have the new PYREX lens that is necessary when you use the high output lamp) The flashlight comes with the Surefire P-61 lamp that produces the 120 lumens.
    Yes it is a little bigger in the bezel than the stock E2E, but it allows for more throw of the light (more distance) also the hot spot is double the size of the stock E2E, and the output is incredible.
    And still is the smallest light available for that lumens output.
    You also have the option of using a P-60 lamp (65 lumens) for more running time (I can provide the P-60 lamp for an extra $20.-)Lamps are always available from Surefire.
    Even with the P-60 lamp, (65) lumens, the modification has more throw and brightness than the stock E2E.
    Length 5 ¼ inches, weights 4 ¼ oz. Diameter at bezel (the biggest part) is 1” .
    The light use two 123 batteries, (included) if you want more batteries I can provide them for $2.50 each if shipped together with the flashlight.
    Shipping: I pay for shipping to the lower 48 I send priority mail insured, if you live in Alaska or International, contact me for other shipping arrangements.
    PRICE: 205 USA (American dollars) that include the shipping to lower 48.
    OPTIONS: extra P-61 lamp (as a spare) (120 lumens) price $25.-
    P-60 lamp (65) lumens $20.-
    Extra 123 batteries $2.50 each. First to post here “I’ll take it” have precedence.
    Thanks all for looking
    Best regards
    P. M. me for more information

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