SOLD/EXPIRED F/s browning a-bolt medallion in .338 w/extras!


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Oct 23, 2008
Bakersfield, Ca
I have a Browning A-Bolt Medallion in near Perfect condition I'd like to sell. The receiver is all engraved, and it has really nice wood. It also has an after market break which makes this gun look VERY nice. It's not a big/bulky break, it's more of a minor swelling over the bbl size, and looks great.
This gun is very accurate, and will shoot sub-MOA with handloads, and you doing your part.
I also have two(2) new factory magazines and a new Factory Leather hard case. The case will hold this Rifle with scope, and has room for additional things like the magazines.
Magazines-$50.00 ea
Hard Case-$200.00
Purchased alltogether, I'll let this whole thing go for $900.00
Now that's one HELL of a deal for some smart lucky Buyer.

Pictures of the case are available...send a PM with an email address.
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