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SOLD/EXPIRED Encore For Sale


New Member
Dec 9, 2009
NE Ohio
Encore 45cal muzzel loader, stainless barrel and camo, turn out ejector pin and adjustable sights (true glo).

Also selling with a 7mm stainless barrel and 12 ga camo barrell. Complete package or will seperate 7mm and 12 ga barrel. 12 ga has two chokes (turkey and rifled choke).
What 7mm cartrige is it?

Do any of the barrels have scope mounts?

Will you do FTF?

Where in Ohio are you?

The 7mm is a remington 7mm mag.

All barrels have scope mounts on them but I was planning on using the scopes. I would include the mounts and or a scope depending on the deal.

FTF ? not sure what you mean (sorry)

Im located just south of Akron, Ohio right off I77
Dougal: Face to face is OK! Where are you located? We can pick somewhere in the middle depending on where you live.

Crane: I would rather sell as a complete deal but looking at the two barrells seperate:

I would ask $225. for the 7mm Rem Mag with forearm (this is a heavy bull barrell) with no sights.

For the 12 ga camo barrel ( with sitghts) and forend $ 275.00

Thats why for 1000.00 the total package is a better buy (IMO).:)

You pay shippping.lightbulb