Elk Swiss Steak


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Feb 11, 2008
Sacramento, CA
Last night I got an early start on dinner, knowing that this elk meat from my buddy has been pretty tough and normal "grilling' methods have been hit and miss.

I decided to make swiss steak using the home grown tomatoes that are going crazy in my backyard. While the meat was thawing, I blanched the tomatoes in boiling water so the skins peeled off easy. Then I sauteed chopped onions & garlic together with a small jalepeno, in oil and italian herb seasoning. Once the onions and garlic carmelized, I added the tomatoes, hand squeezed into rough hearty chunks. While that simmered with a lid, I opened up the steaks.

The package was marked "round steak", consisting of 3 3/4" thick steaks of various shapes. First each steak was thoroughly dried off and sliced to half thickness, to yield 6 steaks. Then I pounded each one with flour (light salt & pepper added), working the flour in while tenderizing. The steaks sat on a drying rack about 30 minutes afterward to let the flour dry and soak in.

Meanwhile, I had some homegrown small russet potatoes that I coated with olive oil and rosemary from the herb garden, into the oven at 400F next to halved zuccini seasoned with dill & lemon seasoning (its-a-dilly).

The steaks were then browned in oil and set aside on paper towels to drain. Oil removed, the steaks went back into the pan and were covered with the pre-simmered tomato mixture to simmer with a lid for another 45 minutes while the potatoes and zuccini cooked in the oven.

The final outcome was great, tender and flavorful thin elk steaks with a rich and hearty tomato sauce alongside roasted potatoes and zuccini.

Its amazing what a home garden and some wild game can produce at the supper table, if you just spend a little time. Sometimes the old slow cooked recipes are best for those "not so tender" cuts.

Wow that sounds like a real gourmet meal! Nothing is better when you can cook diner out of homegrown veggies and wild game. There is something to be said for NOT going to the grocery store and having the outcome you did! Congratulations. BTW I will be stealing your recipe and giving it a try, ha ha, thanks!
I for one agree with the other gentlemen on your dinner... You know how cooks are... Here goes’…, Try one Tbsp of Kitchen Bouquet as the steak gravy/rue starts to thicken, along with one Tbsp of Napoleon Tomato Paste, adding one cup of Wall Wall sweet onion.... last two pads of butter. This will not detract from the taste of your fine recipe. Good eat's.:)
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