SOLD/EXPIRED Egyptian Hakim 8x57 semi auto

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    Sep 14, 2010
    I have an Egyptian made Hakim rifle for sale. The rifle is chambered in 8x57 mauser and is very well made. The custom work was done by a guy from Billings, MT who apparently he had quite a bit of a local following, because of his fine work on some of this older military stuff. The scope base and the vents in the forearm are his handiwork and aren't crude at all. I bought it for the scope and to have fun shooting it, it is really nice and tight, now I want to sell it. I have never fired it, but 20rd mags and surplus ammo are readily available and cheap! Comes with one mag.
    $550 shipped and insured.

    -Cheap Plano hard case $25.00

    -Leica 1600 or 1600b
    -annealing machine
    -2-10x32 PST
    -7mm WSM brass
    -7mm vld 180s Berger et al
    -SAUM brass
    -stainless tumbling media equip.