DMR 300 Win Mag, Proof Research, Rem 700 SS, Carbon Fiber stock, lightweight hunting rifle


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Feb 15, 2005
I have for sale a lightweight, hunting rifle that will make the ultimate North American hunting rig chambered in the readily available and potent 300 Win Mag. This rifle was built by Dane Miller from DMR here in Las Vegas. Dane does superb work, and everything he has built for me has been extremely accurate. Please see below for the specs on this rifle.

DMR built Rem 700 SS LA, 300 Win Mag, RH

--Proof Research carbon-wrapped Sendero Contour barrel, 1-10 twist, finished at 24", threaded 5/8x24
--Rem 700 SS LA, trued. This came from a rifle built in the 80's back when Remingtons were actually pretty good
--PT&G upgraded, lightweight firing pin and shroud
--Seekins 20 MOA Pic. rail
--Stocky's Long Range Carbon Fiber Vertical Grip (VG2) Stock. 13.5" LOP, Pachymar decelerator pad. This has a very similar shape and ergonomics to the excellent Manners EH1. This a very stiff, high quality stock. XLR Industries cheek piece installed with stainless hardware for an extremely lightweight, rock solid adjustable cheek piece system. Pillar and skim bedded.
--Old style Remington trigger tuned to a crisp 2.5 lbs
--Magpul DBM with Magpul 300 Win Mag 5 round magazine. This system feeds super smooth and does not add much weight to the rifle while still allowing a detachable mag. This DBM will work with any AICS style 300 Win magazines.
--Muzzle Brakes and More 2 piece, self-timing, 3 port Beast Muzzle Brake

Rifle weighs 7.7 lbs as pictured.

The barrel has exactly 26 rounds down the tube and shows great promise with a standard load of H1000 and Hornady 208 grain ELD-M bullets. With no load development and just loading rounds to mag length, it was easily able to achieve 0.5 moa accuracy. This was with crappy Winchester brass which was not sorted or prepped and never fired. I know that with proper brass prep and a little load work up, this rifle will be an absolute hammer!

REDUCED to $2500 shipped to your FFL from an individual.





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