Dixie precision Brandon Mississippi review


Dec 6, 2013
I've been holding off for a while but it's time to give Dixie precision a review. I went to Dixie last October to have them build a 300 win mag for me. I already had the chassis on hand and the nightforce was ordered. I was told the gun would be ready the week before Xmas. I thought this was extremely fast and was expecting several months delay. Well we went on vacation the week before Xmas and got back December 23. I tried calling them multiple times and could never reach anyone. I figured they decided to close for the holidays and wasn't worried about it. I waited 2 weeks to tr and contact them again. Never could get anyone so I decided to make the 3 hour ride up to there shop to bring them my scope. The gun wasn't ready which still wasn't no biggie. They told me it would be ready in a week. We'll I went back offshore for 3 weeks and during that time period I had multiple issues of getting them on the phone and when I did get them they were to busy for me and would NEVER call me back. All I wanted was to know is they were going to have the gun ready or not so I could plan my off time with my family. Never could get anyone to talk long enough to give me an answer so I decided to make the 3 hour drive up there again. The gun still wasn't ready but I was told 1 more week and my wife could pick it up while I was gone so back offshore I go for another 3 weeks. I get home and my wife never heard anything from them. So after multiple attempts I finally get them and they said it would be ready in a few days. I was able to pick my gun up the day before I went back offshore. During the build I told them multiple times I didn't want my trigger set to below 2 pounds. I was told they were on top of it. The day I picked it up the very last thing I asked them was about the trigger. I was told it was set to 2 pounds like I wanted. I get the gun home and thought the trigger felt to light. Took it to a local gunsmith and it was set at 12 ounces. During this process I realized they still had my nightforce box, paperwork and lense covers. I contacted them and was told they would ship it immediately. When I contacted Alton about my trigger he offered to make it right by either fixing it or paying the bill for me to have it fixed. I do allot of business with my local guy so there was no charge on fixing the trigger. I have contacted Alton directly as well as the shop MULTIPLE times this year and continue to get blown off about my box and stuff. This has hindered me in being able to sell the scope to upgrade to an atacr. The gun is great and shoots lights out but the customer service with this company is sub par in my opinion. I have all my phone records and text messages to back up my story on this. I get allot of compliments on the gun but I can't consciously refer anyone to this company. I currently have a 6.5x47 lapua and short barreled 308 build planned. I'll be looking for another builder as I'm not happy with Dixie precision.


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Oct 28, 2009
Magee, MS
I know the feeling. they built me a 6.5-06AI last year and the work looks great. I haven't done a load work up on it yet b/c I stay bowed up on my 14 days off so I can't say if it shoots or not. I hope to do a load work up a little closer to season and hunt with it. Its been too freaking hot to do any shooting this summer!

I'm going to look for other options for a smith on my next rifle. I eventually hope to buy my own lathe and get to know it.