Detachable magazine "systems".???


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Feb 28, 2011
Cincinnati, Ohio
I see 3 or 4 different named systems out on the market and costs are about as extreme as one can get them. Is one brand superior to any other brand...or VASTLY superior than the majority of others on the market?

I only one I have ever owned is from CDI it works great, no feed issues at all. The price is attractive. Check them out, Jeff is easy to deal with.
I only have 1 that is not factory. (Actually have 2 but the 2nd one is not installed yet).

It is a PT&G bottom metal with Accuracy International magazine.

I don't care to deal with PT&G as a company and the AI mags are expensive. I have been happy with how they both work together so far though and would buy again if needed.

Depending on your rifle platform, you may have better and/or less expensive options.

What are you trying to accomplish with a new mag system?

Edit - I don't want to turn this into a PT&G bashing thread. But I did think it might benefit Sully2 to explain why I made the comment above. I have ordered 3 things from PT&G. They have mostly been good at responding to phone calls and emails (they get a B+ there). However 2 of the 3 things I ordered that showed "In Stock" on their website were in fact not In Stock and took many months more than the 6-8 weeks estimation listed on their website. I think the last bottom metal I ordered from them took 7 months before I got it. 1 of the 3 orders I put in with them I did receive quickly. (So I would have to say C- there).
May want to check ours out... We changed the release since the website picture was taken, and it now looks like the one on the piece in the stock. Can order it with a 3 round mag..

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