Desert Stryker Kill


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Jul 6, 2011
Troy S.C.
I just love the FULL MOON in South Carolina. My favorite time to hunt is the full moon in October, however when the moon is full late in Sept. it is great too. I have a hunting log of every hunt that I've been on since 2003 to back up what I'm saying! Anyway this morning I went out and hunted an old logging rd between some thick pines and white oaks (which are dropping acorns). Last week I found a couple of scrapes on the old overgrown rd, I added a couple more mock scrapes and waited for the full moon. At 0907 a.m. I rattled and grunted and got ready, at 0918 a.m. here he came. He was coming in head on to me from the pines and I did not get to excited at his horns, then at 15 yards I saw how big his body was, therefore I hit him with a 100gr Thunderhead shot from my Desert Stryker crossbow. He weighted in at 220 lbs, which is the biggest bodied deer I've ever killed in The South! He was old and his horns were going downhill at a 13 inch 7 pt, but they were heavy at 4 1/2 inch bases. LOVE THE FULL MOON IN S.C.!!!!
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I have had a the first model stryker and last year I got a newer model 380 stryker. I have hunted with a lot of different crossbows and the stryker platform in my opinion is one of the best ever made. I have taken deer, hog, and black bear with mine and always got complete penetration thru an thru with the tekan broad head. These crossbows are more accurate than about any thing I have pulled a trigger on. If you shoot at one dot even with field points you will be working on some bolts or buying new ones as the stryker is going to bust and rip fletchings off. I keep my shots at 50 to 55 yrds while hunting but the capability is there for a lot longer shot but I feel that is a long enough in the thick woods of the North East Ga. Mtns. Most of the time you wont even get a shot over 35 yds but I practice for the 50 just in case. I like to see how close I can get on the game I'm hunting with my crossbow and save the long range shooting for my rifles.
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