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    Mar 3, 2012
    Hello , I am a dentist by profession and work in Pakistan. Hunting is a big part of my life, out here we have wild boar,chinkara,urial(blanford and punjab),ibex,markhor, hog deer, nilgai and blue sheep. I have been hunting for quite some time , I use a .308 Win Tikka T3 Lite with a Vari XII 4x12 - 40 scope for most of my hunting. Due to prevailing security conditions it is difficult to get equpment of choice and the black market skins us at will.I also have a 30-06 mod 70 Winchester, Tikka M50 in.222, Brno .22WMR and few shotguns for wingshooting.
    Planning to go for an Himalayan Ibex hunt next week will be taking my .308 Tikka and 150gr nosler partition (Norma) any tips are most welcomed.
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    Please bring back pictures and stories!