Defiance .300wm, Manners stock, Bartlein Barrel, Vortex Scope


May 3, 2018
San Diego
Up for sale is my custom .300 winmag that is an absolute hammer. Gun was built by a GA precision gunsmith. The attention to detail and workmanship is awesome. The scope is also in great condition. Need to thin down the herd. Gun shoots lights out with every load I've used. 1/2MOA Groups all day. 150ish rounds all by me. One small safe mark on the muzzle brake as shown in pics. Here are the specs;

Action: Defiance Deviant Tactical, shallow bolt flutes, 20MOA integrated rail
Stock: Manners T4A. Elite tactical Shell. 2 flush cups left side, 1 right side. Sling stud front and rear. Molded in GAP camo. Devcon bedded.
Barrel: 26" bartlein M24 contour. 1in10" twist. APA little bastard brake.
Trigger: Timney Calvin Elite
Bottom Metal: PTG Stealth
Scope: Vortex Razor HD Gen 1 5-20x50. EBR-2B MRAD. 10MRAD Turrets. Vortex Precision Matched Rings
Gun with scope weighs 15 lbs even.

Rifle is Sold!


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