SOLD/EXPIRED *Defiance 223, 6XC, 243, 6.5CM, 308 switch barrel*

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    Jan 17, 2009
    For sale is a switch bolt/switch barrel rifle. More pics will be up tonight, the rifle has a different Cerakote job now, and is in armor black. But these pics give you the general idea.

    Here is a 5 shot group at 575 yards with the 6.5 Creedmoor


    *Defiance Rebel Action w/ pinned recoil lug and fluted .308 bolt

    *Extra .223 Bolt that is fluted and coned with sako extractor

    *Picatinny 20moa Rail made by Warner Tool

    *Krieger .243 Melonited barrel (23" 1:8 twist .275 neck sporter barrel)

    *6xc Rock Creek barrel (26" 1:8 twist never fired)

    *6.5 Creedmoor Rock Creek barrel (26" 1:8 twist 350 rounds fired)

    *Krieger .308 Melonited barrel (23" 1:11 twist .341 neck sporter barrel 100 rds fired)

    * Krieger .223 barrel chambered by Warner Tool (30" 1:7.7 twist 3k rounds fired still shoots amazing!)

    *Manners T5A stock w/ minichassis

    *CG Extreme 2 stage Trigger

    *AICS .308 mag

    **Optional items Atlas Bipod, BAT machine 30mm rings, and USO bubble level
    *March scope is not included
    Price is $4375 shipped in a hard case. I will accept payment via, usps MO, or chase quickpay. I will give the buyer a three day inspection period for the rifle, but any return would be at the buyers expense.This item is listed on multiple sites. The only trades that would interest me would be DTA items (conversions, monopod, bolts etc.)