SOLD/EXPIRED Deal of the Day by Webyshops: NIKON M-223 3-12x42 SF Rifle Scope

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    The NIKON M-223 3-12x42 SF Rifle Scope, BDC-600 Reticle, Matte Black (8489) with side focus parallax adjustment lays down a serious power range for your most extreme shooting. For long range shooting speed and precision, this model riflescope helps you take full advantage of the performance of the .223 round - from zero out to 600 yards.

    Nikon has engineered the Ultra ClearCoat optical system to provide the shooter with a bright, sharp, incredibly flat sight picture and light transmission up to its theoretical maximum - 95%.

    With an impressive 4-time zoom range and four inches of constant, non-critical eye relief, the M-223 riflescope features massive ocular lenses that deliver a huge, exceptionally bright, high-resolution sight picture.

    The M-223 rifle scope features smooth zoom control - magnification reference numbers are viewable from the shooter's position. This model scope has a one-piece main body tube for minimum weight and maximum strength and durability.

    Developed specifically for the trajectory of the .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO round with 55 grain polymer tip bullet, the BDC 600 reticle offers shooters unique open circle aiming points at 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 yards with additional hash-marks at 250. 350, 450 and 550 yards.

    In addition, the Nikon M-223 riflescope is waterproof, fogproof as well as shockproof. It is nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed.

    The M-223 3-12x42 SF Riflescope is covered by Nikon's Full Lifetime Warranty.

    Price: $399.95