SOLD/EXPIRED dates for M1 & M1D 30-06 shells


Dec 19, 2011
I have 2 M1's & 1 M1D. Im interested in 30-06 military shells. I know that there is two types of markings, regular 30-06 brass military, and the -match- military markings. the markings on the shell is what has me in a quandry.
Ive been collecting 30-06 brass for years. I have TW, LC, WCC, and SL. SL brass is st. loius, WCC brass is western cartridge company(where?), LC brass
is lake city(I assume its salt lake city, 30-50 miles W, 10-20 miles S), and TW
brass is twin cities(where?). now you see my problem.
how many manufactures where around? what was their address(not that Im going to hand them out)? what where their 2-3 abbrevation?
I do know they have different 150gr and 165/168gr bullets. they used different powder; 3-4 types, and primers(I wont go there now).
I do know that they had different paint on the bullets, 3/16-1/4 inch. I know that they had -blanks-. I bought plenty of them, shot of coarse.