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shoot and hit

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Oct 1, 2012
I first ran into the 264 mag when I was 18 years old and wanted to buy the rifle from a fellow I knew, however being young I didn't have that kind of money back then and settled for a BSA 30-06. It has taken along time to find a 264 mag with the pre 64 action but I finally did it today and I am one happy person. I tried the 308 norma mag for a few years but had a lot of problems with casing splitting and jamming in the chamber, also found a problem with the ejector system, which even the gunsmiths could figure out, as the ejector kept breaking. Looking forward to using this dream rifle this season both on deer hunts and moose. Look forward to being able to talk to fellow 264 mag people in the future. Best of luck to you all in your hunting seasons.

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