SOLD/EXPIRED cz 550 varmint in 308 with extras

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    Nov 25, 2007
    So this is like putting up one of my kids for sale. This little cz is an absolute tack driver it comes with original wood stock that has been pillar bedded and with the cz 750 sniper stock as well (unbedded) It comes with both four round and ten round mags. Has had the trigger polished and tuned. Badger ordanance break installed, cz 20 moa rail. The rifle is in excellent condition with a lot of barrel life left less than 500 rounds down the tube.

    I am shooting another companies rifles in comp now so I figured I'd let this one go to a good home to be used can't stand to see it just sitting in the safe.
    any questions feel free to call Jordan 406-925-0615 rifle routinely shoots 1/2 moa at 600 yards and has shot excellent out to 1000. I have all load data etc..

    1000.00 plus shipping to ffl

    [​IMG]The details.....
    Machine work on muzzle for brake....
    The business end....couple tiny nicks here
    Only other nick I could find on the metal...
    Mag well detail....
    In orginal stock (which has some nicks and dings)....
    How's she shoot?[​IMG]
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