CWD CANNOT Infect Human Brain Tissue - NEW


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Feb 7, 2013
So to answer this posting, the answer is NO CWD cannot infect humans.

Thread 'CWD Now can Infect Humans.'

So after the recent absolute BS "story" in Outdoor Life of CWD infecting hunters, we now have a REAL study PUBLISHED in CDC by NIH that proves the CWD prion does not transfer into human brain tissue. This is a study for June 2024!

Well worth the read and provides legitimate data to shut the antis up. Plus alleviate some fears out there. But I will bet you a box of FM215's, there will be some wildlife agencies trying to refute to push their own unscientific agenda.

Should be common knowledge that Prions are a symptom, and not causal or infectious themselves...

I wonder why it isn't?? 🤷‍♂️

More supporting data;

Good read. I also think it is the scrapie test that is run on these deer in College Station. If shows positive sent off for further testing. Why do they put axis deer in pens with positive testing whitetail? All a big power push to get more control on "exotics" harvest.