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    Nov 22, 2012
    I have a custom rifle built on a Nesika Bay Model M action chambered in a 7.82 Warbird. 29 inch hart barrel, vias muzzle break, robar NP3 finish on action and barrel, 8.5 x 25 x 50mm Leupold with Premier Reticles to 1000 yards, Tally Rings, jewell hvr trigger, lonewolf custom stock with carbon fiber bedding, sunnyhill floorplate. Action and barrel set up at Nesika bay. They also did the barrel break in. Currently shooting 180 grain bullets at 3564 fps. Also, 18 carrot Rams head on grip. Very impressive at 3800 feet above sea level. Please email me or call if you have any questions. Best of the Best went into this gun. My number is 406-855-9341 or my email is [email protected]

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