SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Model 70 .300 WIN MAG

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    Oct 23, 2012
    I am selling my Winchester Model 70 that I had built by a gunsmith here in Clarksville. The action has been gone over and is true to the center of the action. The lugs were cut and lapped to about 95% is what I believe he told me. All the parts were professionally installed and fitted. The only thing I did was install the bipod. Scope rings were also lapped in. I have a muzzle brake that I have not installed cause I was considering having it chambered to 300 Norma Mag. If you would like that and you are buying the rifle let me know. I have already paid for the work it is just not done yet and I have asked the smith to hold off for now. I have 45 rounds through it and the furthest I have got out to so far is 400 yards. Off a rest and bag I was shooting a 2" group. With further load development I think sub half MOA is possible. Don't want to burn more powder and bullets for a rifle I am selling. H1000 is a little hard to find locally along with 210 Burger VLD's. Asking $7000 and for sale locally as well. Reserve the right to chose who I sell to but looking cash only please.

    Mcmillian A-5 stock with pillars, the adjustable cheek piece, and rail in the front
    Timney Trigger for the model 70
    Night Force 20 MOA base and rings
    Night Force 5.5-22 NSX with Zero Stops NP-R1 reticle (best scope I have ever used!)
    24" stainless Lilja #8 contoured barrel with flutes chambered in .300 WIN MAG
    Winchester Model 70 action and bolt completely reworked and trued
    50 pieces of Norma brass never fired
    Hornady dies set with all load data that I have collected so far

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