SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 7 Mag with Hawk Hill Bbl. FS


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Jun 22, 2012
North Carolina
I have a Custom build Rem 7 Mag built on a SS Md 700 Blue printed action, Jewell trigger, Hawk Hill 26" ( contour is what a #4 would be if not Bartlein measured.) Load developement was with Berger 168 VLD Hunter with H-1000 powder. Load/Group sheets included in pics. best group was .290". Gun shoots out to 1200 yds. I had Ken Barfield ( in NC ) build 3 guns at one time all tack drivers. Sold the others and was planning on keeping this one for me, Tax season has me under the gun so to speak and knew this would be the most marketable One to sell. The Hawk hill Bbl's are unbelievable, no copper fouling yet with 147 rounds down the tube. They hand lap every barrel before they leave the shop. Good people as well.
McMillan Stock,Jewell Trigger, Ceracoted,Cut and Indexed crown, Holland recoil lug,Hawk Hill 1:9 twist Bbl. 26", Rem SS Trued action, 20 MOA rail, weighs 8.2 lbs. w/o scope and load developement. $3150 shipped conus.

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