SOLD/EXPIRED **Custom .338 LAPUA**

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Oct 31, 2012
Gun was made by Northwest Action Works. They did some very good work on this build. With 300g Berger Hybrids and 85.5g of H-1000 powder I’m able to easily shoot ½ MOA out to 1000y. Picture on last slide is at 150y. That being said I’ve never played with bullet seating depth, I just picked the depth when I was doing ladder testing and was happy with the result. With further seating depth testing you might be able to gain a bit more accuracy. 85.5g of powder is by no means a hot load but it is good on brass life. I have some cases that have 8+ reloads, primer pockets are still tight and the brass still has elasticity without any annealing's yet. Gun has 480rnds through the barrel, has a lot of life left with the load I've been using along with proper cleaning and maintenance. I haven't shot factory ammo through it but I'm pretty confident due to the quality of the gun it would shoot well under 1MOA. Originally the gun was built with a 28" barrel but after packing around during several back country hunts I felt it wasn't worth it, after doing some research a lot of guys enjoy shorter barrels with these guns because they're still a 1300y tack driver, and for long range hunting you're probably not going to shoot game further than that regardless of what caliber you have due to environmental factors. The portability with the shorter length along with the lighter weight is great, also shorter barrels are inherently stiffer so it is easier to tune loads to them as well. I just did a spring Black bear hunt in Idaho, packing that around was 10 times easier due to that shorter barrel. Between caring it around and getting in and out of the car with it I'm a big fan of short barrel rifle's, I doubt I'll ever go back. Unless you're target shooting out to a mile+ having those longer barrels in my opinion really doesn't pay off. I'm definitely going to miss this sucker. Included is all the items with explanations in the blue bubbles. Not included is the tripod, the U.S. Optics scope leveler, and the Hornady OAL Gauge. Gun weighs 13lbs. Gun Info: -Defiance Deviant LA in .338 Lapua single shot -20” Krieger Stainless Barrel MTU Contour / 1:9.3 Twist -Vortex 6x24x50 PST-Ross Schuler 3 port Muzzle Brake -Timney 510 Trigger -Badger Bolt Knob -Integral 20 MOA rail -Integral Heavy recoil lug -XLR Carbon Fiber Chassis w/front and rear picatinny mount. I have detailed reloading and tightening specs included with the gun as well as a cleaning regiment a couple competitors I know use. I also have a detailed Powerpoint with all info and more pictures if you would like that sent to your email. Will except various forms of payment. Price is very reasonable, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck with this system, price includes all reloading components depicted, if you don't plan on reloading will sell components separately. Selling for $3,900.00
Feel free to call 757-701-6266 or email: [email protected] with any questions. Thanks -Joden


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