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Feb 9, 2011
Billings, MT
I have a Custom 243 that is a tac driver. The only reason for letting it go is I have to pay for braces for my daughter and as everyone knows they dont just give those things away. Anyway the gun is built on a trued Remington action with a HS stock and a fluted 26 inch Benchmark barrel that is like the sendero contour. The flutes have been cerekoted black and the barrel is just sand blasted to give it a dull stainless look. The action was not blasted. It has a jewel trigger set to 1lb and I had it built for the 105 bergers. There is one nick out of the stock that is in the pictures that was caused by the bipod. Other then that the gun is flawless. The Smith that built the gun has a reputation around here for his quality and workmanship, I personally have him do all my work. It has 140 rounds down the tube and was broke in by the smith. I will let it go for 1500. I tried to list everything but if there is more ask away. Thanks in advance


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did you have enough clip room for the 105s and do you have a target you can post i may be interested in this one..

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