SOLD/EXPIRED Cooper Rifles


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Feb 21, 2014
Northern Co
Hey guys I've got some big life changes coming and I'm gunna need a little extra to get us through the next couple of months so I need to sell a few things.

#1 Cooper Timberline 280AI. Bought this new in 2017 or 18. Has a trigger tech trigger.
24" barrel Threaded 1/2x28 with Coopers spiral fluted brake.
20 moa titanium rail from Murphy precision
3" atlas rail
Under 500 rounds through it. Shoots 143 hammers, 168 berger classic hunters and 165 sierra game changers right around 1/2" at 100 yards. 160 nosler Accubond are around 3/4" with RL26 but I didn't spend alot of time on those, it shot the first load good enough for the hunt I had that weekend. Cooper repainted this for me when I bought it off thier inventory and they didn't do a good job in the prep stage, some of the camo is peeling off revealing the origanal black spider web paint underneath. Origanal box. $2000 plus actual shipping USPS from me to your FFL

#2 Cooper Jackson Hunter 6.5x284.
24" fluted barrel, not threaded. 20 moa titanium rail from murphy precision.
3" atlas rail.
Traded into this not long ago so unknown round count but it's in really great shape. Have a load with 140 bergers and retumbo that shoots between 1/2" and 3/4" five shot groups. I'm sure it will tune in better just needs messed with. Original box. $2100 plus actual shipping USPS from me to your FFL

I do have brass for each rifle for an addition cost we can work out.
200 nosler with mixed firings for the 280AI, some are loaded. 100 lapua for the 6.5x284, 60 loaded.