SOLD/EXPIRED Colt M4gery and HK 91..... $2000 SHIPPED ..... your choice!!!!

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    Sep 1, 2002
    For sale:

    COLT M4gery :

    Colt Sporter Match HBAR preban lower
    No sear block
    Large front Hole
    Ser. # MH 0122xx
    4 Position collapsible stock (don't think it's colt)

    All factory M4 Colt upper
    marked "C AF"........and "M4"
    feed ramp M4 cuts
    forward assist
    shell deflector

    All factory M4 Colt detachable carry handle
    marked "A-7"
    small and large A2 flip up peep

    Colt marked bolt
    Colt marked carrier

    All factory Colt M4 barrel assembly
    marked "C MP 5.56 NATO 1/7"
    A2 Flash hider
    Factory Colt M4 handguards with heatshields
    Side sling adaptor uder front sight block
    marked "12596618?" "M16A1" "M116A2"
    Bayonet lug

    Overall in excellent ++ condition. It has only been fired less than 100 rounds, and cared for meticulously. The finish match between the upper and the lower is awesome. This is a top of the line M4 if you ever wanted the best, this is it. It is in AWESOME shape.

    $2000 shipped and insured to your FFL, or person to person in Texas.

    email me for pics if these don't come out, and if they don't come out here, will someone please post them for me......







    HK91 with A2 fixed stock in great shape functionally. Only down side is it had a scope mount on it at one time and left the tell tale marks, removing finish when taken on and off. Other than that the rifles finish is good except for some safe bruises. I shoots great, and the barrel is perfect.

    IB datecode
    "Made in Germany
    HK Inc.
    Arlington VA"

    The real deal when it come to larger caliber battle rifles.

    Must ship to your FFL, or person to person if you are in Texas.

    $2000 shipped and insured to you.