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SOLD/EXPIRED Cleaning the reloading shop of stuff i dont use brass and dies


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Nov 23, 2004
Cleaning the reloading shop of stuff i dont use brass and dies OBO

ok I have alot of extra reloading stuff brass and dies this all the brass is once fired and and all the dies are like new i woul like to sell it all at once but may be interested in some gun part trades for savage parts and few dies would like a decent set of 308, 7mm-08 or maybe even some 300 rum dies also would like a quality small shank recoil lug and a metal triggar guard. I will always listen to any other trades.

All brass is once fired brass
16 338 win mag 10 rem brass 6 nickel win
23 7mm mag brass 20 brass 3 nickel
18 300 win mag hornady brass
25 325 wsm nickle
22 338 federal brass

Lee 44 mag dies
lee 45-70 dies
hornady 300wsm dies
rcbs 300 weahterby 2 die set neck sizeing
I would take 175 or best offer for it all. TYD in the lower 48
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22-250 brass is gone and the 300 weatherby dies are back up and hey are neck sizing set

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