SOLD/EXPIRED Cheytac components and barrel

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  1. gunnerrun

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    Jul 13, 2003

    BRASS: 64 pcs New XM2. 31 XM2 Fired approximately 3 firings each. $198.75

    BULLETS: 2 boxes unopened of 20 bullets each 419 gr. 5—419 gr. bullets new but in an opened box, 12—419 gr. pulled from a loaded case with an inertia puller,
    19—305 gr. $120.00 for all.

    DIES: Seater and Resize made by Lawton Machine. Deprime tool, and trim die made locally. $175.00

    BARREL: 30 inch .408 dia 13 twist by Lawton Machine. Approximately 125 rounds through it. Includes very effective muzzle brake. $250.00

    Pictures on request.

    Paypal or money order.
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