Len thanks for the stopping of another thread, I personally don't agree with most censorship. But you can only beat a dead horse for so long!
I am very new to shooting long range. I have never needed to shoot beyond 250 yards, But things have changed. Now I am working on my first LR rifle. Though it be a factory Savage 116 300 RUM. Yes it will have to be low budget for some time.
But I am having fun with it, and trying to work up some loads.
I guess my point is I left accuratereloading because all they wanted to do was argue over ignorant _rap. and nothing but flaming wars. I don't want to have to leave here too. I am learning too much.
Len and everyone else.....I could care less about the topic of the thread.

BUT, Len I think you should have persuaded people on the thread to speak about constuctive solutions to Jake's rifle problem, not stopped the thread completely.

Especially since the person with the problem (Jake) was not flaming at all.

There is no place for baby nonsense and name calling. But again, stopping the flames instead of stopping the thread is the direction I would have gone.
JUST MY 2 CENTS, (ops caps were on)
You are the moderator, it's your call, . A good fireman knows when to put a fire out and when to just monitor it and let it burn it's self out to keep it from spreding. Keep your hose charged and watch for REFLASH!!!
this issue is still HOT!

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This is not about censorship. It is about decorum.

Longrangehunting.com is the electronic equivalent of Len's dinner table. We are his guests - invited here because we ostensibly have some interesting things to say about a subject in which Len is interested.

We would not expect to offend him and continue to be invited to dinner. We must play by his rules.

BS, if you want to play in online forums, I humbly suggest you learn to get over it...
Big Stick

I have cancelled your registration. Should you ever wish to return you are most welcome. Best wishes.
First as was mentioned, we are Len's GUESTS here, this is his idea, he is paying the freight and we all owe him for providing this opportunity to share info and experiences.

This site started because a small number of guys (like 5-6 if I remember correctly) enjoyed sending e-mails to each other about long range hunting, optics, reloading, photography and other topics. We did not look for excuses to **** down each others' throats.

The reason that I enjoy and participate is because I respect and appreciate the bottom line here - no ******** allowed. I will play by these rules and I believe that many guys share this feeling. If someone has a problem with that, the answer is very simple. Get zapped by Len or *&^& off.

We have a wide variety of individuals on this forum. The internet can be a great means of meeting people and it can also cause friction. Reading words on a screen is not as good as sharing a coffee or beer or clanging steel together, but how else will I have the very real pleasure of communicating with bowling ball launchers who live in balmy Alaska?

I believe that a point was made - buyer beware. Unfortunately **** happens. Sometimes we get rifles that are not what they should be. I had a factory rifle that somehow had an out of round chamber, a custom rifle that would not chamber 75% of the factory ammo I tried, factory rifles with no bedding compound etc. etc.

I am about as opposed to censorship as to seeing Long Range Hunting space wasted on ******** based on egos and personality conflicts between people who have never met each other. I am not directing that statement at any individual, some of the ****-disturbers on this site make really great contributions and we owe them for sharing their wisdon.

I'm off to the range.
All are correct in the fact that we are at Len's place and the old saying goes "As long as you live in my house you will abide by my rules".

Baldeagle just to give you a little insight.
Firemen are the ones who use to stoke the fires on trains. Firefighters are the ones that put out fires

No harm use to think the same thing until I became one 20+ years ago.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by STL_Shooter: This is not about censorship. It is about decorum.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I agree wholeheartedly.

And Big Stick; you have much to contribute here. I know this from conversations with you on a different board. Not a lot of 25 calibre LR hotrods runnin' around, ya know?

Now....get your arse back here and extoll the virtues of the high speed 257s
That's one thing I will agree with you on, S1.
Anything left to be said can be said in private email.
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