Called one in at 9:30 am.


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Dec 1, 2019
At 85 yards broadside, big male from the looks, turkey distress on my Icotec.Flat out missed him, and couldn't believe it missing isn't part of my vocabulary. I knew something was wrong and retraced my shooting position, just knew something happened, it did this grapevine got in my way. Check it out, with 4400 fps and 24 grains a blade of grass can deflect a shot had it happen once before. Through the scope the vine was invisible, probably never see that dog again.


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This type of hunting is something that seems to be catching on here in the southeastern part of the United States. Up close and personal coyote hunting with shotguns. We are fortunate to own a lot of heavily timber land that also has a lot "thickets" that hold a great deal of game (turkeys, deer, wild pigs and YES COYOTES/foxes/bobcats). We have gotten into hunting with 12 gauges using the Hevishot Dead Coyote 3" or 3 1/2" T's. You cannot imagine the thrill of calling them in close and then watching them roll when you hit them with the Dead Coyote round.
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