Burris or Nikkon repeatability


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Dec 30, 2011
Thanks guys for putting up with all my tedious questions. Here is my dilema, I don't have enough money to buy a more expensive scope, but I amlooking at a 4.5-14 1 inch tube in either Nikkon Buckmasters or the Burris Fullfield. I will be having Keaton industries put a turret on it, but I am just wondering if anyone has ever found these scopes to be not very repeatable. After all, if the clicks do not get me back to zero, what good is an ajustable turret? I have also thought about possibly a Monarch in the 4-16 (they are alittle more expensive) but Ithink I can get one used on Ebay for about 370.00. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks
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