Bucks, Bears and Blizzards


Mar 6, 2008
Even though Montana's deer season had been open for a couple days, I wasn't able to get out until after work on Monday (Oct. 22). I only had a short window of time to hunt before darkness would fall. I had a specific place in mind I wanted to go, and actually a specific buck I wanted to shoot. The previous week I had seen a great whitetail buck that had me fantasizing about hanging him on my wall.

As I arrived where I wanted to start my hunt it began to spit a little snow. The buck I wanted was hanging out along creek bottom at the base of a steep mountain. The foliage was too thick to hunt him one on one in the bottom. I decided the best way to hunt him would to be to get above him on the mountain. That way I could side hill along the mountain and look down into the trees below, giving me a much better chance of spotting him. I had also heard a rumor about a fairly wide muley in the area but had yet to lay eyes on him. Read More...
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