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Aug 18, 2007
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I posted 2 replies, including an, "I'll take it", in open forum and a PM before the following exchange.

Originally Posted by The Hock
Good morning. I'm sending this on a PM because I hate the snottiness that goes on in open forum sometimes but your silence is deafening on this post.

Please reply to my posts and PMs. If you have some issue that delays your response I understand. However, when you post something for sale there is an expectation of communication.

I'm ready to purchase.
There is a federally licensed firearms dealer awaiting shipment. :)

All I need is payment instructions. :rolleyes:

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Originally Posted by bschneiderheinze
Traded this to a buddy he put a shorter rail and birdcage flash hider on it but has it up for sale for the same price. If you sent your phone number I can send you picture and maybe get his phone number to you

Originally Posted by The Hock
Courtesy says to mark your thread traded...
xxx xxx-xxxx landline
xxx xxx-xxxx cell for texts - no good signal out here
Ask for Roy.
Did he get the loading dies, etc?
Originally Posted by bschneiderheinze
Some of us work for a leaving and don't spend all of our time monitoring forums. I was nice enough to reply to you and try to help you out you are obviously not smart enough to realize when someone doesn't reply something is probably gone or they are busy. Good luck finding a rifle.