Bryce Wells' - Long Range Shooting Class in Idaho

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    May 2, 2001
    Bryce Wells announces his 2013 Long Range Shooting Class

    • Dates will be June 14th -16th
    • We will be shooting and Camping In the Coeur D Alene Area.
    • The setting will be laid back and we will cover
    • Theory on Friday Night .
    • We will shoot from 800- 1500 with 2800 Available.
    • I will Have lots of different Scopes to try out Including March....
    • Our Goal is to get you to shoot you're rifle well ....
    • This will not be an infomercial trying to get you to buy something.

    Some of what we cover is:
    • Helping you to shoot what you have..(We are not selling anything}
    • Terminal Ballistics and Bullet Performance
    • How Far is to far on Big Game
    • External Ballistics and Trajectory Validation
    • How atmospheric conditions are calculated for
    • Ballistic Compensation Techniques
    • Long Range Shooting Equipment
    • Cartridge/Ammunition Selection
    • Shooting Fundamentals
    • Range Shooting Basics
    • Rifle Cleaning and Maintenance
    • Range finding, Errors and Equipment
    • Learning to shoot with Wind Deflection, Reducing and Reading
    • Correcting for Air Density Changes
    • Measuring and Correcting for Shot Angle
    • Exploring Spin Drift and Coriolis
    • Shot Placement
    • Advanced/Field Shooting
    • Cost is $350`

    Please Email us at [email protected]
    Or Call 208-290-6177

    Bryce is a sponsored Shooter/Hunter who does a lot of consulting and Product testing in Our Industry as well as travels the globe teaching Long Range Classes. He also is able to travel to your own areas to teach classes.

    Bryce's website
    Long Range Addiction

    Bryce wrote the following Feature Articles for LRH:
  2. Len Backus

    Len Backus Administrator Staff Member

    May 2, 2001
    Bryce has filmed 17 different bears in the past week in areas where I'll be hunting with him in a few weeks.

    Well that gets my juices flowing faster!