SOLD/EXPIRED Brass and misc for sale

Its only light

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Aug 22, 2012
Central MN
Hey guys just starting a new post here. I have the post brass and stuff for sale but it's getting very unorganized so I'm starting a new one. If somebody could tell me how to edit or close it that would be great.

Anyways here is what I have left from that page and a couple more things.

39pcs of Hornady 338 lapua mag once fired- $35

126pcs of fnh 5.7x28 once fired brass- $12

SPI 0-1 tube mic, graduated to .0001 (for checking neck wall thickness)- $75

266 pcs of once fired .308 brass. Mixture of Hornady match, federal gmm, win, privi, pmc- $50 for it all

I have prices marked but i really would like to trade for:

- 30 cal 175-190gr match bullets

- 338 cal 250-300 match bullets

- savage barrel nut wrench

- torque screwdriver

- 338 lapua brass (Norma or lapua)

I'm also open to a lot of random stuff so if I have something you want and you don't have the cash but have trading stock give me a shout. I'm pretty easy going!

Email at [email protected]