bi pod Rail for model 1885 Browning


Jan 11, 2015
Has anyone made a rail that will mount to the two screws that hold the forearm on a model 1885 browning. Thought about making one that would mount to the two screws and then extend forward and drill a through hole for the swing swivel stud to be able to still mount to wood stock. want to use an atlas bi pod with picatinny rail quick mount, so I don't have to leave bi-pod on in my gun case.
Cant really see a mount working with out using the two stock forearm mounting screws and making my own rail. Cannot use swing swivel stud because it is only screwed into the wood and would eventually break. I would have to make the rail extend forward a bit past swing swivel stud so It would allow me to mount the bi-pod as far forward as possible.
as a machinist I may have to make one myself, then test it and show others a way to make them.


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