Best quality gunsmith screwdriver set

Snap On impact driver is how you remove these. And possibly a little heat.

Heat and these and then you are at the mercy of the wrench monkey who installed them. Anything else gets a drill and a good screw extractor. Saltwater and briny air are never your friend, no matter what the fastener is made of.

I have a Brownells master set that stays on my bench. Chapman set in the range bag I always take and a B-square set from the 80's. In my range cleaning box. I've had one Brownells tip break and it was replaced with a phone call.
I was told the same thing, that Chapman, in particular, were designed to break before you did damage to the firearm. I've broken a fair number of those.

Less than impressed with the Grace drivers. They appear to be a mid-low quality wooden handled driver with some hand held 'parallel face' grinding done to them to convert a typical tapered screwdriver to a 'gunsmith' screwdriver. Heck, I can and have done that! Only I use a file.

Have not used Wheeler drivers and likely never will as I've not been impressed with any product of theirs that I've had experience with.

My favorite gun screw-driver are the sight adjusting drivers that used to come with S&W revolvers.
Years back I purchased a Forster set of drivers and had several incidents where the small driver tip broke off. When I contacted Forster, customer service said it was intentional when the torque is over stressed. Forester was happy to send me a new driver upon returning the broken one. Thanks to Forester for standing behind their product..
This is what I use. Love it! The screw driver has a built in LED ring that shines on your work if you need it. So far the bits have been solid. Torque wrench is simple to use. I'm a Real Avid tool fan. Have their master AR gunsmith kit and bench vise. Just a side note, there solvents work well. Not a fan of their proprietary cleaning jags, but like their bore brushes.

Looks like exactly what I want! I like the torque.

I just found a set on Amazon. Supposed to deliver it tomorrow. 7am to 11am. Love Amazon!

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Checking what y'all think is the best driver set/brand. Looking for what's best quality not biggest or most tips. I had a torx head tool twist off removing a scope base and looking to get a new set. Wheeler, Real Avid, Knine, Chapman, Grace, Brownells…all have good reviews but all also have reports of tips breaking.
None are perfect but appreciate some collective wisdom/experience.
I've read that gunsmithing screwdrivers are sometimes made to break-away at lower torques, to help avoid damage to screws. And indeed have had several break in use at torques seemingly far below what my impact driver bits with withstand.
Brownell has multiple screwdrivers. Which is best for fine blades? I want for this sidelock.
On some super-thin slots, like OEM Beretta, I measure the length and width, then order the correct tip (for a bitholder screwdriver) from Brownells.
Otherwise it's guesswork.

It's hard to find a simple bitholder screwdriver anymore.
Everything seems to have a ratchet or some gimmick.
Two good ones are the Klein and the Brownells.

My go-to is still the Forster conventional set which was $38 when I bought it and now it's $70 !
I have the wheeler bigger set and that has worked well for my amateur self. I have not broken any tips yet and if I got a screw that I can't get or risk screwing up if try to hard, I take it to the professional and pay them.....well worth it!