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Jan 27, 2015
The Big HornBasin of Wyoming
Hey guys! I'm 67 yrs old and have been shooting since I was 9. Started on sparrows and ended up on elk as the largest critter to date. I've been reloading since 1966 (.218 Bee). I have 2 middle aged sons and 7 grand childrn I still have my first wife Ruth of 49 years. My claim to fame is that I won the Wyoming state class "AAA" in both HIgh Power and Smallbore competition in the mid-eighties in Metallic Silhouette rifle shooting. Oh yeah I also got my College Diploma and my AARP card in the mail the same day. I'm alate bloomer! Taught Elementary school mostly reading for 16 years retired last spring.
I will hunt about anything that walks, crawls or flies. Elk are my favorite big game and chukars are my favorite birds. This fall I got my biggest bull ever (316BC points). Hunted 15 days out of a cold dry camp, no water close no fire at all. Lots of cold food. There are 2 days left in chukar season so tomorrow and Sat I'll be crusing the hills try to make a personal best ""50 bird" season.
We're already planing our spring prairie dog hunt and applying for antelope, elk, sheep and moose tags for next fall. My longest elk shot was 515 yards several years ago laying prone over a MOuntain Mahogeny bush. Longest antelope 400 yards, longest deer 381 yards last fall. Bearcat 66
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