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Barrel Blanks


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Aug 2, 2010
.224 C6 Carbon 20" Magnum 1-7 twist (blank at 20.25) 550$ shipped. 5R groove
X-Cal .257 Med Palma/Varmint Sendero 1-7.5 twist Fluted for a 24" finish blank is 26" 6 groove - 375$ shipped
Bartlein .257 Pro Gain 8.25-7.25 5R M24
Blank 27" - 425$ shipped
All prices already discounted guys, good deals and no waiting.
I double posted sorry guys…other post has photos…
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Mr Zachary, please ship straight to my gunsmith. It'll save me time. I have everything except the Barrel

Address in attachment . Let me know if you can't read it & I'll resend


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Thank you for catching it & good price on the barrel. Nothing is cheap to mail these days & I'm sure it'll get worse with fuel costs. I retired from Chevron & know it doesn't have to be this way. I was surprised when I saw the barrel, as usually anything I'm looking for has been sold.
im going to see if I can find some info on Carbon 6.