SOLD/EXPIRED Badlands/Eberlestock/Bruzer Gear


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Apr 24, 2014
I'm cleaning out the garage and have some excess packs that I dont use.

The first is a BADLANDS 4500 in Max-1 Camo. Brand new, never used. This will hold more gear than one person should ever be carrying on their back. Fully adjustable for any size person. Very comfortable. I had one of these before and used it for years until it was stolen. Comes with Badlands unconditional warranty. Brand new these were over $450. $375 TYD in CONUS.

The second is an Eberlestock X1A1 in Mossy Oak Brush camo. Brand new, worn around the house but never hunted in. 1900 cubic inches. Nice little day pack with rifle scabbard. I'll nock $20 off the brand new price. $180 TYD in CONUS.

The third is a Wolfpack Systems (now Bruzer Gear) 4400. Waterproof fabric, very rugged well built pack. Lightly used on a few hunting trips, but still in perfect condition. Check out their website( for a full description and camo color pattern. Brand new these are going for $365 including shipping. I'm asking $275 TYD in CONUS.

If you really need more pictures than what you can find on the web, PM me your cell and I can text you some. Thanks
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Final price drop!

Badlands 4500 $325 tyd
Eberlestock X1 $150 tyd
Bruzer Gear 4400 $200