Another pack post. Kifaru, SG, Exo, Badlands.


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Nov 2, 2015
Minnewaukan ND
I’m 75% set on a K4 5000 pack, 10% on Stone Glacier and 10% Kifaru (the latter two idk models yet) and 5% Badlands MRK6.

I have a Badlands MRK2 pack now but it’s not enough for multi day trips.
I’m considering the MRK6 because I can get it 50% off.

I’m drawn to the Exo, SG and Kifaru because they are made in the USA.
I like the simplicity of the K4 5000 design.

I primarily hunt western badlands of ND.

I don’t have the ability to handle any of these firsthand before purchasing.

I’ve watched lots of videos and feel I would be happy with any of them.

I’d like some input please.
I don't have any of the exact packs you are considering. I have a k3 4800, kuiu pro 3200 and a mystery ranch printer. My favorite is the k3 4800. Feel like it is a well made pack and still fairly lite. Like the way it fits and is easy to use for strapping things down, even My bow when I get tired of packing it in my hands. Has plenty of storage area, load lifter straps work well. With that said for packing in treestands I use the mystery ranch, just seems like it is easier to tie stands on it. Used the kuiu for several years and it served me well. Always accomplish the job, to me it's just takes more time to set it up when using the load sling and not as easy to strap things down. Have heard nothing but good about the stone glacier and would like to try one. Good luck on your search.
I LOVE my K4. I have the 3600 and the 5000
Bags. Cannot recommend them enough.

SG seemed TOO lightweight for me and kifaru was too heavy and unnecessarily complex. And I don’t like meat in the bag.
I too am a mystery ranch guy. That said, I have the k4 7200 and a SG sky 7800. I’ve owned a few others in the past.

If you’re use to the badlands than you’ll be quite happy with any of them.

Weight of the actual pack doesn’t really matter. The suspension should do what it’s suppose to do, and it can only do what it’s suppose to do if it’s properly fitted to you. That’s all backpacking packs.

I know people covet the exo’s k4s. They are not built as heavy duty as say a mystery ranch. The suspension is better though. IMO anyways. The x fabric, and suspension on the SG is good too. The strappings are more annoying then the others..again, imo.

My point being, there are features that might be important to you that you might consider. I’ve heard people bash MR because the pack slides…it doesn’t. They didn’t set it up right. The exo and SG are a little more forgiving to this. But the MRs are simple NO BS designs. I personally don’t like organizers and zippers everywhere and I don’t care about fabric as I drop packs on stocks for these type of bivy/expedition hunts.

Another con to SG and Exo is that they don't really discount their bags. Comes with the made in the US territory and having an online cult. MR has some really good deals through expertvoice or Guidefitter if you qualify.

I would agree that you really can’t go wrong with any of them, I’m just nit picking details off the top of my head.
I'm a Kifaru guy going way back to the early 2000's. Every pack of theirs that I own or have owned have been well-build to the point that I'd be willing to be that I'd fail before the pack or frame would. I would suggest that you consider the Hoodlum as a do anything for as long as you want, carry more weight than you want to carry pack for any hunt you are thinking about. I have had one on my back for the past several hunting seasons and it remains my favorite outdoors pack.