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    Dec 16, 2012
    New here but have been reading for sometime. I have been bow hunting SE Texas and E Kansas whitetails for years and finally decided to get into med/long range hunting. I have set realistic goals for myself in the introduction to long rang shooting. My plans are to first get good with my first long rang rig up for 600yds. I do not reload as of yet but have friends that can help develope a load or two. I am in the middle of building a 243 rem. I am using a factory savage short action and it is mated to a bartlein 1:8 sendero(#5 i believe) contour. the stock will be a Mcmillan A3 sporter and although I have a vx-3 4.5-14x50 I do beleive I will try out the Vortex pst in the 6-24x50. I do plan to accurize my browning s stalker in 7 mag as well as a 243 stalker for my son. But we will see. BTW thanks for having me.