And why you should not hunt with the JLK or A-Max...


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Nov 1, 2002
St. Louis
Because, uhh, they kill things.

Shot a yearling buck Sunday at 389 yards with the 210 JLK from the Wolf. That poor thing died within 10 yards of the hit - 3/4" hole on exist and lungs in tatters when I pulled them out.

Shot a doe Tuesday morning at 225 yards with the 105 A-Max from my 6mm Remington. Died within 5 yards of the hit. No exit wound, top of heart and one lung obliterated.

Chalk up two more kills for these poor, pathetic projectiles!
Nice shots.

Maybe you can get two or three of them deer to stand side by side, and tell me what kind of penitration I'll get on a Moose with that JLK.

I know Black Bears don't like to get stung in the spine with the 178 A-Max.
I don't believe it, I don't believe it; I don't believe it.

Anyone who believes that match bullets are effective at harvesting big game probably believes in Santa Clause too.

Wonder what I'm getting this year. I've been good.

I guess someone didn't tell our Missouri deer that A-Max couldn't kill them lol. I took a buck at 375 yards with my 6.5-284 using 140 gr. A Max. I purposly shot thur the shoulders to make sure I wouldn't have to track him and I didn't. The bullet pentatrated(sp) both shoulders and mushed his lungs.Had a doe come out at 480 but wouldn't hold still long enough for a shot before it got dark.Had she,I think the outcome would have been the same. Oh well, we still have a doe season coming in Dec.

389yards?why thats not hardly sporting with the Wolf....surprized you didnt yell at him and let him have it at 1500-2000.At that yardage he might have had a chance,small but a chance

Charles, did you hit bone?

I don't believe I did with the 105 AMax. The 210 might've hit a rib, but a shoulder shot from both bullets would've been interesting...
I shot a 150lb buck whitetail with a Serria Mk 180 gr 30 cal at 200 yards laserd 30 cal hole going in 2.5 exit hole going out split the heart in too messed up the lungs. He went about 30 yards leaving a 3 foot wide blood trail. My wife yesterday killed about a 130 lb doe with 52gr serria mk at 167 dropped on the spot out of my sav tact 223. I guess those target bullets don't kill Wis. whitetails.
STL-SHOOTER, yes. She was facing away fron me. I put it on the base of her spine on her left side, exited center of right hip.

Also shot a doe walking at 311yds in the center of the body, could have stuck your head in the exit hole.
One at 600 that blew the offside leg completly off.
. One at 300 that did not exit on a quartering away shot that was simply devastating. One at 500 that hit low and destroyed both legs and bottem of chest cavity. All these with 220gr matchking out of new 300Tomahawk.

Been a good year so far.
Add another kill to the 105 A-Max 6mm variety... 80 yards running, liver and lung... went about 60 yards and expired.
Dave King

I can't believe you would take a shot at a running deer that was more than 5 yards away!
This is really bad for our sport. used a target bullet. What were you thinking...anyway?
All this talk about TARGET BULLETS on game.Well I guess I will have to try the 210gr 30Cal JLK's out of the wsm.If they don't work its you guy's fault
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