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Mar 21, 2015
Good Day to one and all,
Please allow me to introduce myself.... I am located in New Brunswick Canada... I hunt mostly whitetail and moose... am a member of a club that is active in target shooting ... I shoot a Browning 308 ... Ruger 220 Swift... Remington 222...and I just traded my Remington 760 Gamemaster pump 3006 for a T/C Ventura 3006 bolt. I could use some advise on two things.... a home load recipe for the Ventura.... and I still need to purchase a scope for the Ventura ( the dealer is recommending Nikon ... I am 64 and now wear glasses and am leaning towards 3 1/2-14 x 50 mm Nikon...any thoughts?
Normally I hunt in bush country with 90% of my shots under 300 yards.... actually 150-250 would be normal ranging. In heavy bush I use the 308 lever action.
Anyway " Hello " from Canada and it is nice to join you.