SOLD/EXPIRED AG Composites CAT 700 Sporter Stock


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Feb 24, 2013
Doing a major rifle rebuild and re-stocking is on the order so Im selling my AG Composites carbon fiber CAT 700 sporter stock for a long action Remington 700.

However, this stock has been modified quite a bit. Years ago before I was fully adept at stock work I opened it up for a Wyatts CFE-9 mag box and got a little carried away on the bottom metal inletting. My mistake but not a major cosmetic flaw unless you have the rifle upside down and are looking for it. But you can see small openings to the mag well with the bottom metal installed (shown in photo).

Being that it had a CFE-9 mag box, I also had to open up the ejection port on my action and the ejection port on the stock. These lines are nice and clean and should be fine if you have an aftermarket action with a larger ejection port. With a standard 700 long action, the stock ejection port line will extend beyond the opening of the receiver ejection port.

Stock was also fully bedded with Devcon 10110 steel puddy for a .316” thick recoil lug. So theres plenty of room in the lug recess to add bedding on a skinnier recoil lug.

Paint and Pachmyer Decelerator recoil pad are in perfect shape with no defects.

This stock weighs in at a svelte 25.2 ounces as is.

Barrel channel is 1-1/16” at the fore end

With the modifications and inletting flaw on the under side of the stock, I am greatly discounting this from the price of a new model CAT 700. Asking $240 shipped.

***I will sell the Wyatts CFE-9 mag box, spring, follower, and modified bottom metal as well if the buyer is interested.